Dragonfly Consulting and Coaching partners with individuals, teams and organisations to facilitate purposeful conversations; design effective change processes; design and deliver engaging professional learning; and coach for success. 

We assist organisations to align values, people and processes in order to achieve goals; develop leaders; build staff and team capacity; lead change; and manage planning cycles.

We support individuals to clarify personal values and goals; increase effectiveness; build capability; navigate change; and manage careers.

The majority of our work flows from recommendations from current and former clients, many of whom have offered testimonials.  

In addition we are on a number of government panels and a recognised provider for the ACT Teacher Quality Institute.

Amanda Mackenzie has a limited number of afternoon and evening appointments available for counselling and psychotherapy clients.  


  • HEAL YOUR LIFE WORKSHOP Heal Your Life®, workshops and seminars are based on the principles of the book, You Can Heal Your Life®, by Louise L. Hay and have been attended by many thousands of people worldwide. The beliefs at the heart of this approach are: ‪our thoughts shape our lives ‪our experiences are influenced by our thoughts and feelings ‪‪we can change what we think. ‪While it can be tempting to blame others, or our past, or difficulties we have faced; in this workshop you will learn to look at things...


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